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LLIFE’s Founder: Gerald A. Higginbotham

As Seen in USA Today

LLIFE's founder is a changemaker who leads from the firing line. Gerald has over two decades of experience as a commercial airline pilot, has started numerous businesses, and has been a community activist for decades.

Gerald Higginbotham was part of the Watts Riots in Los Angeles at the tender age of seven.

This five-day riot, which concluded with more than 1,000 injuries and 3,000 arrests, was the result of a growing powder keg between cultures and different economic classes.

In the middle of the night, Gerald heard that the National Guard was in his neighborhood, attempting to subdue the situation. At an age when most should be worrying about more trivial issues, Gerald says he told himself, then and there, that something was just not right!

Read his entire bio to learn how Gerald is making a difference in his community and beyond.